Essay Should Congress Raise Minimum Wage?

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Should Congress Raise Minimum Wage?

As our federal government debates the idea to raise the minimum wage, there are several interesting questions that occur. Most importantly, should we raise the minimum wage? I believe it is a bad idea to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour up to $10.10 or more in a short period of time. I will explain why raising minimum wage radically would kill jobs and hurt our economy.

The main reason raising the minimum wage radically would kill the economy is the pressure it would place on small businesses. According to article, Small Businesses are the backbone of the economy. They also cited that many studies from the U.S. Small Business Administration show small firms employ just
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The economists all stated the lose from the minimum wages increase out weight the winner. Also the economist stated that this type of thinking persuaded twenty-eight states to raise their minimum wage above the federal level between 2003 and 2007.

Have you ever thought about feeding a family and paying the necessary bills on $7.25 per hour? If you answer “no,” then think about this. With this type of salary you could not cover your rent in most parts of the United States, much less feed your family. In this day and time this feat cannot be achieved without raising the minimum wage. If our current government does not raise the minimum wage than a person earning minimum wage would need to work two or three jobs just to keep up with inflation.

According to Huffington Post there are millions of Americans living in poverty. Our current inflation rate from 1913-2013 have not mirrored the pace of wage increases. Because of this the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 was introduced. In society today the worker’s pay doesn’t keep up with our current inflation rate. But with the Fair Labor Standard Act everything changed. This act brought the everyday low wage earner out of poverty and stimulated the Gross Domestic Product. Now, why
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