Should Curfews Be Implemented?

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A curfew is a rule set by parents or legal guardians for children to prevent them from being in specific places in specific times. Approximately 500 cities in the US have laws regarding curfews that forbid teens from being on the streets on curfew hours that are under 18 years of age (Favro, 2009). Many parents and teenagers are facing countless problems regarding curfews which has grown into being the main problem in parenting children. Some people claim that curfews are the best way to parent children while other argue that they do not work. However, not only are they an invasion of a teen's freedom and social life, curfews should not be implemented as they do not keep a teen out of trouble and they affect a teen’s psychological status and behavior. Initially, curfews are considered a violation and invasion of a teen’s freedom and social life. When parents set a curfews for their children, they are implicitly denying them of making their own choices in life. In addition, curfews also affect a teen’s social life in many ways. People generally start developing their personality in their teen years, thus, it is imperative for a teen to socialize in order to build a healthy and positive personality. Carl Pickhardt (2011), a psychologist in Austin, Texas, writes in his article, “Adolescence and Curfew”, that setting an appropriate curfew is not an easy matter as it limits a teen’s social life and freedom. Pickhardt also marks that limiting a teen’s social life
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