Should Die And Die?

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Karen was at a friend 's birthday party that night where she drank gin-and-tonics and swallowed tranquilizers. After she came home, her roommates checked on her, and when they discovered she wasn 't breathing (Chronology: Right to Die). When was the right to die first introduced? What were some of the first places to undergo the right to die? How does the right to die work? What is the right to die? People disagree with the right to die and how does that affect other people. Some people may think that the right to die shouldn’t be a thing. However the other people think that the right to die should be only used when they are in a state of certain discomfort. A doctor once went to jail for life with the charge of murder in the first degree…show more content…
People agree with it because they think that if someone 's in pain they should be able to be taken out of their misery. People use it if they something happened to them that they can 't recover from and they don 't see a point to live. Doctors usually use a lethal injection It works by killing the patient quick and clean. This is only allowed in some states (Wolf). "If a 45 year old comes to a rational decision to end his life, researches it in the way he does, meticulously and decides that ­­now is the time I wish to end my life, they should be supported. And we did support him in that."However, for many this is not possible as illness takes over health and suffering becomes unbearable and unmanageable ( "Right to an assisted death in the spotlight"). . Active Wolf, Susan Wolf says, ¨Physician-assisted suicide occurs when a physician provides medication or a prescription to help a patient commit suicide¨ (Wolf). Euthanasia involves deliberate actions by a physician who administers a lethal dose of a drug to end a person 's life. Euthanasia most commonly occurs when a person with a (fatal) illness asks a doctor for a lethal injection. The practice is sometimes called mercy killing (Wolf). Last year, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the attorney general had exceeded his authority: ¨Assisted suicide represents less than 0.1% of the total deaths in Oregon. Most of those who sought a doctor 's help to end In Florida this week, a judge extended
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