Should Doctors Lie To The Truth

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In the article, “Should Doctors Lie,” Joseph Collin expresses his argument backing his thesis up with deep detail. The article’s main topic is whether or not doctors should lie to their patients, and whether it is ethical. He agrees that the doctors should not be required to be truthful with their patients. In the article, Collins thesis state``s, “Should doctors tell patients the truth? Where I, on the witness stand, am obligated to answer the question with “yes” or “no,” I should answer in the negative and appeal to the judge, or permission to qualify my answer.” (p. 211) His thesis basically says that he thinks patients should be lied to by doctors. I disagree with Collins when it comes to his argument. Lying shouldn’t be …show more content…

I think it’s a part of the doctors’ responsibility to keep a good professional relationship with one’s patients. Collins states “those who do not want to know, and who if they were told would be injured by it; those who are wholly incapable of receiving the truth.” (pg.193). Going back to the client relationship models Collins believes that doctors should use a parent model on their patients. The parent model is when doctors have more experience and knowledge that they use to make decisions without telling the patients about their own health as if they were a child. This model and view basically strips the patient from autonomy and the choice of making his or her own decisions. In a whole, this premise is wrong because patients should have the right to make their own decisions when it comes to their own health. In another article the author Bok takes an opposing side to Collins belief that doctors should lie to their patients. Bok disagrees with this claim by stating that doctors should even tell the truth to their patients even if they will commit suicide. It boils down to the patients right to autonomy and the ability to make their own decision at the end of the day. Now Collins might argue back saying that Patients health could be in jeopardy by

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