Should Dogs Be Allowed In School

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Innocent canines are spending over half of their short lifespan alone and bored because of school! Dogs, man's best friend are treated unfairly, and are not allowed in schools. These dogs are bored and alone all day because kids and parents are gone. Dogs are living things too, they should be able to do the same things as us humans, and dogs lives are not any less valuable than our lives. Dogs should be allowed in schools because they relieve stress, they would make school fun, and it would help dogs live longer.
Stress is a massive struggle for many students in school. The solution is allowing dogs in school. In schools, students grades are lower due to stress over tests, assignments, and homework. If students could bring their dogs to school, the stressed children's grades would improve. It has been proven that petting a dog will relives stress, which would help grades increase. Business stated, “Petting your dog stops your body making cortisone, or the stress hormone, so the student will be able to think more clear.” (Business insider 1)Then, according to The Ohio State University studies, “ 7 out of 10 students are too stressed out, so there grades drop. Stress is a big part in tests, and if stress is not controlled, it is harder to think and harder to focus.” (Ohio State 3) This is a big reason, why students should be allowed to bring their dogs to school. In contrast, an antagonist of this cause say that dogs might relieve stress for some kids, but some

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