Should Federal Government Be Allowed To Regulate Information On The Internet?

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Living in the twenty first century we are all exposed to things we wish we were not or things our parents wish we had not been exposed to. Things like porn, cyberbullying, and invasion of privacy are a very real thing of today even more than it has been in the past years because our society is very technology based and as consumers we can get our hands on anything we desire as long as we have a connection to the internet. Does this mean that the federal government should be allowed to regulate information on the internet?
Government officials may want to regulate the internet but no matter how hard they try it will be nearly impossible to complete because of how rapid the internet it growing. So many different sites are created everyday there is no way of keeping up with how many there are or how big the internet actually is. Not only is the internet an ever changing …show more content…

Regulation of the internet restricts these rights by allowing us to only access the things the government finds acceptable. The first amendment to the United States Constitution says that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech.” As citizens, we have the freedom of speech. Sometimes that freedom is taken to the extreme, especially in the case of the internet. If the government regulates what is displayed on the web and who can access things, is that not taking away out rights? We are protected in the constitution, and regulating the internet is not only taking away our freedom of expression or speech, but also out privacy. Some argue that the government regulating the internet is like securing the internet and keeping us safe, but on other’s stand point, they are also keeping things away from us that we could normally access through the

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