Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized In America Essay

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America was made to be the land of the free. This country is suffused with equal rights for every citizen. Even if you differentiate the slightest bit, you still have equal rights. Or at least that’s what it’s supposed to be like. People with different sexual orientations supposedly don’t apply to that rule. If you are gay, a lesbian, or bisexual, don’t you think you should still have the same rights? Gay marriage has been legalized in America, but people still have a problem with letting things be.
America has promised equal rights for everyone, so it should be that way, no matter what gender you look to for companionship. Marriage is something sacred. It’s something for all of humankind to enjoy. Getting to be joined with the one you love …show more content…

Gay marriage shouldn’t matter if it doesn’t apply to you. It will not affect any straight person’s life what-so-ever. Everybody deserves to be happy without an unnecessary wall in their way. Let people be happy; don’t be the wall that’s blocking them from pleasure. Everyone should live a life without having to worry about what others think of their differences. Being gay is included in this deal.
Let gay marriage be legal. When you bring religion into love, it creates another issue. You decide to be religious based on beliefs, therefore, religion is just an opinion. Even if you are religious, God loves all of his children. No matter what you are, what you do, or how you love, God will still love you. You are who you are and you were made that way for a reason. Let gay marriage be legal, it lets people be them.
On the other hand, gay marriage could go against a lot of people’s beliefs and definition of a perfect country. People still need to realize we all have different definitions of these things. America has promised equal rights and marriage must be a part of them. In religions, being gay is a sin. Take a look around, we have committed so many sins that being gay shouldn’t matter. Besides, religion is just an opinion and everyone chooses something different to believe. Allowing gay marriage in a country won’t ruin its image, it will make it look better. It will look more accepting and show people that this country is a loving place for everyone.

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