Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized In Australia

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Should gay marriage be legalized in Australia?

International view

Gay marriage if a pressing social issue in the modern world as 1 in 7 men in generation Z are gay.

Australia in general is very accepting towards homosexuals in comparison to other countries with 62% of our citizens supporting gay marriage. However, some countries like Iraq, Egypt, Zimbabwe or Sudan aren’t so supportive. In Sudan, three time offenders are given the death sentence. First time offenders are either flogged or are imprisoned, however, in southern parts of the country more lenient laws have been passed.

Although there are countries that don't support gay marriage, there are also lots of countries that do.

America and Europe are two of them.
In America ,same
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When this starred to happen the government started keeping files on suspected and known homosexuals.

1963 was a historical year for homosexuals because it was the year that the first gay bar opened in Australia. It was called the purple onion. One year later a debate on the legalization of homosexuality held at Melbourne university was put on national headlines and started a broader awareness in the community.

Since then, anti-discrimination laws have been put in place to protect gays in workplaces. This has lead to give gay parents a high level of recognition.

In 1996, John Howard's election set a holt to the growth of gay awareness on a national level. Ironically though, the same election also saw the first openly gay leader of a political party, senator bob brown, the leader of the greens party. And in the same year the Giz Watson was elected to the greens in Western Australia. Giz was the first Lesbian elected in the Australian parliament.

In 2004, Gays and lesbians were shocked and disappointed when Australia copied America and banned same sex marriage. This was the first the first law against gay people since discrimination was
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However, it's the opposite, with 62% of Australians agreeing with gay marriage. The Australian government has been trying to fight homophobia in schools and communities. In Victoria they have established “ the safe school coalition of Victoria” which works towards creating safe and inclusive environments.

72% of Australian families with young children agree with gay marriage. 78%if Australians both for and against gay Marriage, think there should be a vote deciding on the fate of the matter. However, 75% of Australian believe that it will inevitably happen.

Even though Christianity (the largest religion in Australia) is against gay marriage, 53% of then have decided to set aside one of the aspects of their religion to accept and adapt to the times. 53% of Christians are for gay marriage. Today in Australia we all live in a secular non discriminatory society. Churches and other spiritual institutions exist within this society. Reverend Bill Crews a Uniting Church Minister from Sydney says “It seems to me that in a secular and non discriminatory society gay couples should be as free to marry as any other human couple”
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