Should Greece 's Debt Soon Be History?

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Greece has many historical aspects such as the acropolis where many polytheistic worshipers came to worship the Gods, the first Olympics, as well as the first democracy, however one question that the whole world is asking is “will Greece’s debt soon be history”? The prime minister, Alexis Tripras, is unwilling to pay of the billions of euros of its debt. Germany and France has loaned billions of euros and are now trying to create a plan to solve this problem. The International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and other organizations have declined all of Greece’s request for more loans. Although the majority countries in the world have debt, Greece has been loaned billions of euros from many european countries, the EU, and other international organizations; this is a problem because this country is doing all in its power to accept more grants, unwilling to give the overdue credits back.
Greece has accepted billions of euros in loans gratefully; they have done this by convincing Europe, if not the world, that their economy if thriving. Greece has accepted 360 billion euros in loans. 3 billion euros were given to the country by the Italian Generali Group. 9.2 billion euros in grants from Germany companies such as Commerzbank and FMS Wertmanagement. 11.9 billion euros from French corporations such as CNP Assurances, Groupama, Societe Generale, and BPN Paribas were loaned. Greece banks loaned their government 70.6 billion euros; these companies include Marfin Group, Alpha

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