Taking a Look at Human Cloning

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Human cloning is the process of taking an emptied human embryo and inserting the human DNA or the DNA of any living creature. After all this the embryo will grow and form as if it were in the womb and conceived normally. Human cloning is not just some make believe idea, it is here. Human cloning can save countless lives through stem cell research or by finding cures for diseases. Human cloning is not just cloning people depending on the cells in the embryo the embryo will grow to become those selected cells; like stem cells.
Stem cell research itself is not controversial; the process of creating stem cells in embryos is what is so controversial. When an embryo is emptied to make room for the desired cells it becomes impossible for the original cells to form or to grow. This is all the bad that would come from cloning stem cells. People say its a life, but it is just a jumble of cells. It is a jumble of cells that could potentially save thousands of lives. Stem cells are not like the rest of the cells in our bodies, stem cells can form into any cell and heal the affected area. This is why it is so important this practice becomes legal; because the medical implications of this process are so inconceivably great that saying “no this can not be done” is just like spitting in the face of all the people with polio suffering from muscle deterioration.
Every single day people think of new ideas, new products, and cures for the various diseases that have the potential to affect

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