Should Kids Go At A Year Round School?

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Tabitha Serr
Mrs. Misselhorn
7th Hour Language Arts
29 March 2017
“Should Kids Go to a Year Round School?”
When I return to school after summer, I always struggle to remember anything from the months before. For this reason, I personally think kids should go to a year round school. Moreover, kids shouldn’t have such a long summer vacation. Students should go to a year-round school for more intersessions throughout the year, so they have less stress, it will be easier to remembering what they learned, and year-rounds schooling has smaller intersession you can use if you are falling behind, you can catch up.

The first reason why kids should go to a year round school so they will have shorter breaks so they won’t forget anything they have …show more content…

As a student, having more frequent breaks could benefit students and teachers. “Although cumulatively there would be fewer days of, the frequency of school breaks would be much higher” (Top 10 Reasons). Normal schools have a summer break, two other breaks, and an assortment of different holidays (Top 10 Reasons). Additionally, if kids go to year-round school, which have more frequent breaks, they could have less stress. The third reason is many year-round schools have an intersession with creative classes. According to “Year-Round Schooling Offers Benefits over a Traditional Calendar,” the scheduled breaks or vacations for students are called intersessions. Nevertheless “Intersession also is a fertile period for enrichment and creativity” (Year-Round Schooling Offers Benefits). Year-Round schools can have 1-3 week classes for a number of different subjects (Year-Round Schooling Offers Benefits). Also, as a student, intersession is a great way to catch up for a student falling behind in classes. Likewise, if a student is struggling with a certain subject they can take a class during their intersession, then when classes restart they could be caught up. In addition, high school students may use the fall and winter intersessions to scope out future colleges. Students who participate in sports can use the intersession as a way to catch up on their studies if they are not at the level they are expected to be at (Year-Round Schooling Offers Benefits).

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