Should Legalization Of Recreational Drugs Be A Great Nation?

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If you have an internal body problem or illness, would you rather fix that first or fight your external battles? Likewise, the US is claiming its superiority, as a big brother, across the world by fighting its external wars. However, what needs to be fixed first, is the long lasting internal war within. External wars need lots of money, manpower, weapons, etc., just to achieve a lifelong of enmity at the cost of civilization. Innocent people are always the major sufferers in any war. Now is the time, that we start fighting our internal war, then raging externally. Increase in jobs, hike in minimum wages, distribution of wealth, halting the disappearance of the middle class, better foreign policies, reduction in illegal immigration, realistic and affordable healthcare policies, decrease in prisons and prisoners, legalization and decriminalization of recreational drugs are some of the core issues the US needs to strengthen to become a great nation. There is an utmost need to legalize and decriminalize recreational drug use in the US, now more than ever. The government no longer needs to intervene upon the personal rights and freedoms of adults. One should have control over the choices of his/her own life. Rather than criminalizing drug addicts they should be given a choice to rehabilitate, as it is a medical illness. No doubt, recreational drug usage has its own plights. A single “hit” can cause a lifelong addiction, side effects and demise of the person using it. It

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