Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

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Medical marijuana has been a touchy subject the last few years. From being legalized in multiple states to being enforced more heavily by the DEA. It has been under scrutiny because of the people that use and sell it. The uses of marijuana not only medically but economically are quite vast and could benefit us greatly. This essay will put forth the reasons why it can stimulate our economy and society while disproving the arguments of why it is bad. 77 years ago, marijuana became prohibited in the United States. By the year 1961, it had reached a global status of criminalization. To this day, the issue of marijuana is found within every level of politics and media. One of the biggest problems we face is whether marijuana is a criminal problem or a "growing up" problem. Should students and teenagers be worried more about being locked up for using marijuana than what they may lose from their time using it? We brought the number of people who smoked way down by educating them on why it was bad, not threatening them with jail time. Mexico 's drug war has lead to over seventy thousand people dead and a majority of them are police officers, children, and mothers and fathers. This drug war and others have led to a severe deterioration of the infrastructures in society. This means that police officers can 't be trusted due to corruption and crime runs rampant. This had led to significant decrease in the effectiveness of the Mexican government and the last thing any of these

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