The Legalization of Marijuana

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Legalization of marijuana should be legislated for medical use across the country. Marijuana does not have a potential good value that it should have, in the eyes of the government and the public. In reality it is actually natural and a effective medicine. The debate about medical marijuana is spreading like a virus across the country. Marijuana can be that one thing to clear off US 13 trillion debt as well as it can decrease crime rates and create more possibility of jobs for people who do not speak English language. Research shows that medical marijuana is bad for health and the government is in lack of manufacturing and handling the marijuana drug, classified as B class drug in the United States. It is legal in 20 states as medical marijuana use. Both the sides have valid argument but the pros out weigh cons by many reasons. Unlike other most legal tobacco products, medical marijuana is less harmful and has the capability to reduce the pain within diseased people.

Medical marijuana has not been known for any good in spite it has been hated by many people in the world. Many people simply consider marijuana just as a bad drug like coke, heroin and meth. Compared to the pharmaceuticals, cannabis is looked at as profound medicine because of its natural characteristics and it unique chemical factors, which makes it very distinct. Some compounds of the drug factor acts as a stimulant in the cannabis such as a hunger enhancer. It means, that by taking pill for marijuana, it

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