Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Nowadays, there are several illicit drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine that are used in some area in the United States. Those drugs influence people every day of their life. They also affect people whether they are using them, drugs dealer, victims of drugs related crime or dealing with family members’ addiction. On the other hands, the government spends much money for education, medical, technology and recycles. Besides these issues, the government also spends billions of dollars for drug laws enforcement to against them and drug fighting. Since drugs are unsafe, the prohibition is an answer to this problem. The government of the United States should consider to legalizing those drugs. Although some people oppose that drugs legalizing drugs will increases the number of users, increases the number of users, and make more people addictive; however it can be true that legalizing drugs will increase the economic, reduce the corruption of officers, and save tax money.
First, although some people that drug legalization increases the number of users, but legalizing drugs can bring the economics of the country up. Illegal drugs such as marijuana is very hard to be sold because of the law enforcement, and some people are finding the way to sell it to make money. This drug can be worth a hundred of the dollar and more. Since the drugs are still illegal, it is hard to make money. Because of that, the government should legalize those drugs. When legalizing them, people can sell…

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