Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana is a greenish brown or gray mixture of the shredded leaves, flower and stems of the cannabis plant, smoked as a cigarette or in a special pipe. During my research I found out that Marijuana has been a controversial topic for many years about whether or not legalize it, the side effects of using it, and the medicinal aspect of it. In the next pages I will write about the Marijuana Law in Washington State, the history of the marijuana, and the effects in the body when it used.
In 2012 marijuana became legal in Washington State and next is the government overview of the Initiative 502. Uniform Controlled Substances Act. Marijuana is one of many substances defined as a controlled substance under Washington 's Uniform Controlled Substances Act (UCSA). Generally, it is illegal for a person to possess controlled substances except as authorized by law. Under the UCSA, the degree of restriction exercised over a controlled substance is dependent on the potential for abuse and the degree of psychic or physical dependency which may be caused by the substance. Controlled substances are placed in five different schedules to reflect the amount of control necessary, with Schedule I being the most controlled, and Schedule V being the least restricted. Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. Possession of 40 grams (1.41095 oz.) or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense. The maximum punishment for this offense is imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 90

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