Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Economic analysts from all over the United States have predicted that we spend $20 billion dollars a year to fight a senseless war on marijuana. According to the United Nation over 94 million people in the United States have admitted to using marijuana at least once. This number is not shocking, because marijuana is a safe and harmless drug. Marijuana is used for several different medical purposes. It is also healthier than already legalized drugs. The prohibition on marijuana is failing, there is no valid evidence that it decreases drug use. People view marijuana in a negative light, because of the propaganda and bias opinions they have heard their whole life. If people would wake up and open their eyes, they will realize the legalization of marijuana will bring nothing but positive impacts for the United States and society. Marijuana is a harmless drug and the legalization of it will decrease crime rates, increase the United States economy, and states with legalization are already doing exceedingly well.
Marijuana is a safe and harmless drug, there has never been a case of overdosing on marijuana. In 2010, the total death toll from drug overdoses was 38,329, while zero of them were from marijuana. Instead, 60% of the deaths were related to prescription drugs. Another 25,692 people died from alcohol related causes. Recent research published by the journal Scientific Reports concluded that marijuana is 112 times less deadly than alcohol, but alcohol is legal. Marijuana has…

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