Should Military Service Be Required?

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Should Military Service be Required? The time old question asked again “should military service be required?” Most people ask themselves how can one better their self? A lot of these individuals turn toward enlistment or receive commissions in the armed services to help fill that void of longing for a sense of purpose. The fact of the matter is that by serving in the military you are serving in a commitment larger than yourself, your living for the citizens of your home country swearing to give your life to save theirs from all enemies foreign and domestic. The military also provides some unexpected benefits as well such as such as lifelong friendships and can provide with years of experience and mentorship far greater than an individual coming out of college. Individuals in the military also have better mannerisms, for the most…show more content…
The changes first begin in Basic Military training where the physical requirements and the daily schedule of “ Basic” contrast and combat individuals own personal habits (Schult, J., & Sparfeldt, J. R. (2015)). Since the changes first start to develop in basic it can be inferred that individuals who go in the service straight out of high school should be able to adapt and conform with the changes more easily than an individual who went to college and then went in or who had been out of high school or college for a little while and had a steady job for a bit. This being said there will still be the individuals that come in straight after high school who have a rebellious attitude and try their hardest to not conform, basic military training and their instructors will break them of their habits for the better. Military service requires a coveted degree of behavior and social normality that those who serve are obligated to follow to the highest obtainable level (Schult, J., & Sparfeldt, J. R.
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