Should Open Lunches Be Banned?

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Throughout high school, I had always thought my experience would’ve been more enjoyable if I had the choice of open lunch. Every day I had despised walking to the lunch room knowing I would be served a food that I disliked. Now what If we were all able to pick the food of our choice? I think Wood County Schools should allow students to have off campus lunches, therefore the students could leave the campus to get the food of their choice.

In this case, students can choose their lunch without having the fear of what type of “mystery meat” will be served every day at 12:15 in the lunchroom. Students will be able to leave campus and go wherever they choose. Many schools are against this because it poses a danger to students. The reason open …show more content…

In particularly seniors in high school. The next year they will be graduated and living on their own, they should surely have the opportunity to leave a high school campus to eat lunch.

Open lunches give students an opportunity to get away from the daily stress of school. With a chance to leave campus, it gives the student a break from all that is going on at school that day. It is also a way to relax and just get away from the rest of your peers. Instead of being cooped up in a lunch room with hundreds of people, you can go elsewhere to eat with a couple friends. If you’re having a bad day, open lunch gives you the opportunity to get away and take a breather. Also a good side about open lunch is, you don’t have to wait in line behind hundreds of other people. There is a slim chance of having to wait in front of that sum of people at your local Taco Bell.

A reason why many school districts disagree with open lunches is because it gives the students an opportunity to get into mischief. With the students not supervised by teachers or adult supervision, it gives them the opportunity to do whatever they wanted. In this case students have the chance to do drugs, speed in their cars, and do other unlawfully activities. Also, it gives the student an opportunity to leave school and not come back. I can imagine many students just going home after they had finished their morning classes. Not all students will take full advantage of the privilege to go where they would

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