Should People Have To Be License To Become Parents

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We are required to obtain a license before you get married and driving a motor vehicle, yet we aren’t required a license to become parents. Should people have to obtain a license to become parents? Is it really safe to leave an infant or 2-4 year old left with a possibly aggressive or inexperienced parent? Children aren’t very safe left alone with an inexperienced parent , ESPECIALLY if they are single or by themselves. People should have to get a license for several reasons: Abuse, most people are poorly prepared, and some people (like teens or some adults) influence their kids . Not just with drug or alcohol , but just their personality can greatly influence them. Abuse is very common if the child is unwanted or the single mother/father…show more content…
It is the capacity to have an effect on a character, development, or behavior of someone or something. Parents have great influence on their child or children. If the adult or parent is a heavy drug or alcohol user, or the adults behavior is highly violent, the child may grow up to end up as their parent. Mothers under the age of 18 are said to be more abusive or violent. “The age of the child's mother has also been shown to influence the child's risks for mistreatment. Younger mothers have statistically higher rates of child abuse than mature moms. Lack of economic resources, the stress of single parenting, social isolation, and a dearth of emotional support are factors which contribute to the higher rate of abuse among young parents” (Deboorah). Including as the child does not get abused to actual death, the child may grow up to be an influence as an…show more content…
If the mother usually leaves the child with the father , the father is also illy prepared. Also, including first time parents are very unprepared as well. If the child is acting poorly , the mother,father,or parents may not know the difference between punishment or maltreatment (abuse). “The vagueness of abuse definitions, the authors contend, results in the failed fulfillment of laws, inconsistent case outcomes, and the risk of incorrectly identifying or dismissing findings of maltreatment”(Doriane, Kenneth,and Sarah). Not only with maltreatment, but say, the parents don't have very much money by the time they find out they are going to have a baby. The mother (or father or parents) may stress out as to what they might be getting the baby to sleep in, the bottles, baby gates, strollers, or high chairs. The mother (if she is single) may get stressed out and stressing out the mother will hurt the baby causing the baby to miscarry. I definitely agree people should have to get a license to become parents ,IF it was absolutely possible. However, if you end up pregnant, what is the government or CPA (child protection agency) going to make you do? They can’t make you abort the baby, because churches would constantly be out at abortion clinic fighting for mothers to not abort their babies. Also, the parents may want to keep their baby, even if they are not a completely great parent.
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