Should Pluto Be Considered A Planet

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Should pluto be considered a planet In August 2006 pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet and it is still considered to not be a planet. Do you think it should be considered a planet? Pluto should not be considered a planet in my opinion. There are 3 things a planet needs to be to be a planet, it has to be round, it has to orbit a star and it has to have cleared it’s orbiting path.pluto fallows the first 2 rules but not the 3rd so pluto can not be considered a planet. All of the other planets follow these rules allowing them to be a planet so pluto only qualifies as a dwarf planet. There are 50 other dwarf planets like pluto do you want to have 50 planets in the solar system? If pluto was a still considered a planet there would be at
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