Should Privacy Be Privacy? Essay

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Is it possible to have privacy in this day in age? Is somebody watching every move we make? These questions have been running through my mind ever since I got my iPhone. It’s terrifying to believe that someone could be watching me all the time. Although this isn’t on my mind every second of the day, it is something major to think about. Unfortunately this is an issue that we deal with today. Whenever we expose ourselves to the public, ninety percent of the time we are being watched. I do understand the need for surveillance but privacy is a must. Boundaries need to be set in order to have some sort of rights. The Circle, however, does not understand this concept. These characters don’t believe in privacy, they live life differently. In todays digital age we need to have privacy to live our lives to the fullest, keep secretes, and to have control of our actions. Everyone has their own differences towards privacy. Yet at the end of the day privacy involves an important separation from undesired material. I firmly believe that we have rights in todays digital age but they are constantly being invaded. Big brother is always watching as many may say. We as civilians don’t understand that the government is taking our personal information without our consent. When you sign up to any social media website you agree to the terms and conditions (that most people don’t read) that go with that website. When doing so you’re agreeing to withdrawal your privacy. Next time you sign up to a
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