Should Prostitution Be Allowed?

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Prostitution is known as the world’s oldest profession. Should prostitution be allowed? Or should it stay banned with no intention of becoming permitted or legal? Some historians have confirmed prostitution is unquestionably the oldest profession going back to ancient times, but other’s will dispute that it is not, yet everybody agrees paying for sexual favors have been around for a very long time. There will forever be a demand for the services that it offers, prostitution will be present in some form no matter what happens in society. If prostitution were to be made legal, there would be a drop in sex crimes and reduction in STD’s. It would also provide economic benefits for the local and federal governments, as well as the population.…show more content…
Ancient Rome and Greece had very many similarities when it came to prostitution. As both of the empires grew larger, there was a higher population of foreign slaves who were strictly captured and bought and sold for prostitution. These woman were being brought over from exotic locations and the Roman and Greek men had always desired and exotic woman. Larger cities along the coasts that were visited by sailors had a larger population of brothels that housed these slave prostitutes. These woman were often enslaved and put into prostitution as punishment for criminal acts that done. One of the largest brothels in history could be found in Pompeii, called Lupanar and history books stated this brothel attested to having enslaved prostitutes forced to work there.
As time went on prostitution evolved into so much more than slaves being forced into prostitution but woman started choosing this line of work on their own. The word “mistress” or “courtesan” started being used in history. The courtesan woman were naturally beautiful and were usually an upper class woman. They were known to be the most sophisticated woman of their era and were the most notorious is history. Woman who came from an upper class household were known to become a courtesan for many
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