Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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Decriminalizing prostitution in the United States will be a hazard to the nation. Prostitution has been often called one of the oldest jobs in the world. However, it has been illegal in nearly all societies throughout history. Currently, there have been various countries where prostitution has been legalized by the government, allowing people over eighteen year olds to work as prostitutes legally. Nonetheless, those countries have had several negative effects following the legalization of prostitution. Nevertheless, this series of events have sparked discussion in the United States over whether or not the country should allow prostitution in all fifty states. The ban against sex work had previously consisted massively on moral and religious mandates for several hundred years. However, in modern times, enough research has been conducted in distinct areas of the country and the industry in order to come to a conclusion without morals or religious believes involved. It is critical to realize that legalizing prostitution cause negative impacts on society due to an increase in crime, financial detriment, and spread of diseases. In order to understand the concept of this debate profoundly, one must examine the areas that would compromise the nation’s safety. Such include an increase in crime related to the sex industry. Assuming that the United States were to legalize prostitution, an increase in crimes related to the sex industry would occur. An increase in human trafficking

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