Should Prostitution Should Not Be Legalized?

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Prostitution has been a growing concern on a global scale. Supporters of legalization argue it is a person’s right to decide how they want to use their body, while opponents argue that most people in the sex trade are trafficked, sold, bought, and do not have a say over their own bodies. It seems the world is split on the right and wrongs of this issue. Many countries seem to have no definitive answer to the illegality of this issue. While some countries (such as most of Europe, Australia, and even her in the U.S. in parts of Nevada) have “legalized” prostitution, many strongly condemn the practice. While many people strongly condemned due to cultural and religious factors, many others have no problem in hiring prostitutes for sexual pleasure, creating a multi-billion dollar industry. So what is the right answer? Prostitution shouldn’t be legalized, not because of a morality issue, but because like with many aspects of legal acts it would get abused since it would be easy to obtain and legal to participate in, and unfortunately we are not talking about sodas, or alcohol, or marijuana, we are talking about human lives. “I believe that we will never succeed in combating trafficking in women if we do not simultaneously work to abolish prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women and children. Particularly in light of the fact that many women in prostitution in countries that have legalised prostitution are originally victims of trafficking in women" stated Margareta

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