Should School Go Year Round?

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During the school year, there is one thing that will always be on every child’s mind: How far away is summer vacation. We all experienced this as children, and it kept us focused on getting through the school year so we did not need to go to summer school. For many students they looked forward to all of the amazing things they can do in the summer with their friends and family. A struggle with education for a long time is having kids not forget the information that they learned during the school year. This seemed impossible for many educators to do because most children are not focused on school during the year. However, one idea may change all of this forever. Recent discoveries and research may prove that year-round education is a good idea for some students. The main question, will this idea become something that implemented everywhere, or just a crazy idea that would never work.
The idea of having school go year-round is definitely an interesting one. There a clearly many benefits in getting rid of summer vacation, one of them being that students lose information over the summer. According to Harris Cooper from “The Ten-Month School Year: Are We Ignoring Educational Research in Order to Preserve Summer Vacation? Finding a Compromise Between Educational Advancement and Over-Schooling.” By Mary Therese O’Sullivan, he says that “"[t]ests given to kids in the spring and fall show [that] children generally slide in math and reading during the traditional summer break…
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