Should Schools Have Later Start Time Essay

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Should Schools Have a Later Start Time? There is an increased tension growing throughout the country due to the conflict occurring between schools of whether or not they should have a later start time. While some may say having an earlier start to the day will allow an early finish out of school, others may argue that this may cause lack of sleep which would impact many student’s health. Many support that school should have a later start time because it would increase sleep, academic performance, and reduce the risk of traffic-related accidents. Having a later start time will affect student’s in many positive ways like, increasing academic performance and reducing the risk of drug or alcohol use. Also having a later start time will cause …show more content…

If students come to school with their brain’s not fully functioning yet because of the lack of sleep they had gotten, it would be extremely difficult to do any work. This can lead to low test scores and an impact on their grades and scores. In Source A, Nancy Shute states, “We truly believe that our teenagers are getting six to seven hours of sleep a night, and they need eight to 10.” (page 1). Many teens aren’t getting the full sleep that they need. Instead they are losing three to four hours of sleep. This amount of lack of sleep can cause student’s to be tired while they are at school. Although there have been many reports insisting that teens should be getting eight to ten hours of sleep, only 15 percent of high schools have embraced the change and made their school start at 8:30 or later. Even worse the percentage of high schools that are starting before 8 a.m. is 40 percent. Some may argue their point that middle and high schoolers can sleep at an earlier time to gain the sleep they lose, but pediatricians say that as children become teenagers their sleep-wake cycle changes. According to Source A, Nancy Shute states, “As children become teenagers, their sleep-wake cycle shifts two hours late, so it’s

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