Should Schools Use Internet Filters?

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Think to the time when you were in school. When you looked for informational websites, did you ever come against an Internet filter? This has become very common now, as schools don’t know how Internet filters work, but require the filters for state funding. Most schools use a filter just to receive funding from the state, not knowing what they were doing to the many informative websites of the Internet. In my opinion, I think that schools should filter the Internet, but should restrain the strength of their filters. School Internet should mainly be used for finding information that is not found inside the textbooks students have access to. Most students that have the access to the Internet may not be able to find new information because of …show more content…

Some filters are able to block malicious sites that may automatically download viruses to your computer, according to SafeSearchForKids. Slate says that students are able to circumvent filters to reach social media sites, and that schools are trying to use filters on iPads and laptops to protect and limit usage of Internet, due to inappropriate sites. ComputerWorld says that the filters still have their faults, and they filter sites that have search queries that can be used to search up inappropriate topics. Normally, Internet filters will catch most of these inappropriate sites, as well as malicious sites. iPads and laptops are filtered mainly to be used only for school, but some students can hack or change the settings of the device to fit their personal wants. Search queries easily trick the filters, causing filters to block those sites, although the sites do not have any signs of inappropriate content or malicious content, but the search queries from the sites have such content. Internet filters have the possibility of blocking malicious and inappropriate content, but they are still containing many

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