Should Spartan Women Allowed To Stay At Home

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Young girls continued to stay at home until they were married. Few mother taught their kids to read and write. They also assist their mother at home. When they reached the of twelve or thirteen they are consider as an adult. When they get married they are expected to have babies and if they are NOT being able to bear children it was seen as a curse from the gods. Spartan women were taught reading and writing and skills to protect themselves in battle. They stay at home until they were married like the spartans women. If they get married they are also to be expected to have children. Women in Athens were taught skills they would need to run a home such as weaving, textile, motherhood, embroidering and cooking. They are expected to look after the home, make clothes , and bear children. …show more content…

They couldn't leave the house with out their husbands permission like they could not visit the temple with out their husband permission.Unlike in Sparta, women had more freedom. They didn't need husbands permission, they could run a business , trained as a warriors, and they also attend military

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