Should Step Parents Be Allowed To Discipline Essay

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It has become common today that parents get divorced and step parents are in the picture, however, just because they’re in the kid’s life doesn’t make them in control.A lot of children all around the United States of America are kids of a divorced family. Many characteristics of the children change according to their families situations. Behaviors are different at school, in public, and especially in the house. Parents and step parents have some similar rights of discipling the child, however, is discipline used in the wrong way? Some may argue that step parents have equal rights as legal guardian because they are both superior to the children, but only the biological parents should be able to discipline because they are the legal guardian and the children will have more of a bond with someone who doesn’t alway try to be superior. If you’re not the legal guardian, then you legally have no right to touch or discipline the child without parents permission. “The …show more content…

According to the article “Should Step-Parents be Allowed to Discipline?” it states that “The word ‘discipline’ comes from the same Latin root as the word ‘disciple’. It means ‘education’.” Continuing from the same article, the author explains that “Discipline...doesn’t mean punishment.” These two things connected together prove that when parents either biological or step, should discipline their children physically. Spankings and other forms of physical contact with the children can cause them to become scarred. The most important years of a child’s life are the first 6. If they are being disrespected and not taken care of properly, then they can become a person just like who raised them. They can become depressed and feel unwanted or be violent to others themselves. Educating them about the right and wrong things is much more important because then you will still be building a bond and teaching them, witch is the proper way to

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