Should Student Athletes Receive Compensation for Upholding a Higher Standard?

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Student athletes entertain fans at their local resident arena, which generated five million and six hundred thousand dollars in ticket sell in 2012 (National College Athletic Association). This is not fair to student athletes that are solely responsibility for contributing to these financial statistics. Student athletes are leaders in the classrooms and on the field. Student athletes uphold the standards requirement by the NCAA to maintain their eligible to play sports. As leader on the field and the classroom, they possess a high standard of moral and behavior by not cheating, obeying the rules and regulations of their college and university. Student athletes are held to a higher standard than regular students. A regular student can …show more content…

The alumni banquet often celebrates after a big game or major victories against rival opponents. Student athletes have to participate or make guest appearances to help make money for their schools athletic programs. There is a lot of money being exchange between the alumni and the school, and athletes can easily make themselves eligible by accepting boosters’ funds; so, if athletes are mandated to attend banquets then they should be able receive funds for participating at these banquets.
Nike is the leading endorser of all major sport companies. According to, “Nike total revenue was fourteen billion dollars for the year of 2013.” Oregon University is one of the many schools, which is sponsored by Nike. Before Nike took over as Oregon University official sponsor, they had a mediocre athletic program. The Chief Executive Officer of Nike, Phil Knight, decided to invest into Oregon University. Phil Knight invested an undermined amount of funds to the athletic program. So, that the whole athletic department did not have to worry about anything. Phil Knight, for example, expanded the stadium seating for the football team, provided a state of the art training facilities, and a unlimited supply of costume made uniforms. Phil Knight investment alone increased athletic recruitment and student enrollment. The Oregon University football since then has made several Bowl Championship Series appearances. Phil Knight investment had played

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