Should Students Attend College Or University?

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80% of students who want to attend college or university cannot on their own funds (CNBC, 2013). Students have to rely on government or private loans and other resources to get them started in college. Students who live in the community of state colleges may want to attend but do not know how they would get there. Do not be like others, make a change. Students should be given the opportunity to live their dreams doing what they aspire whether affordable or exorbitant.
What is the best way for a student to attend college. Is it lost cost, student loans or maybe thoroughly paying for college yourself? If you had a chance to pay for college another way, which way would you choose? The best way for many students would be free. Not every student has the funds to obtain a college education, let alone be successful enough to stay in college. Students will also have better opportunities to finish their college education without having to hassle with the burden of debt.
Although some students do not have the funds to retain a higher education, accomplishing this will be facile. Students suffer trying to get their education when payment becomes their priority. Therefore, students should attend state colleges for free. This is necessary because students do not need to struggle trying to decipher how they’re going to pay for college. In addition, If students do not retain a college education, they will be forced to work in a high school´s diploma´s career. Furthermore, If students go
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