Should Technology Be Overly Reliant On The Internet?

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How many times within the past week have you heard the phrase, “just Google it”? It is that twenty first century lingo that has affected the thought process of humans more than we think. While technology has developed over the past years, mankind has become overly reliant on the internet which has hindered human’s ability to solve problems and develop strong social skills. It has become a habit for Americans to rely on the internet for any information they may need. The ability to find answers immediately is changing the thought process of the brain, and hindering long term memory. Rather than retaining and storing information in the brain, people tend to simply “Google it” because they have the worlds knowledge at their fingertips. When we look up information online instead of figuring the problem out ourselves, it causes us to think more shallow minded. A recent survey was examined that explored how most people can not recall even the simplest pieces of information, such as a phone number. (Rodriquez) It was shown that over 35% of people do not know their spouses phone number by heart, and over 50% cannot recall their own employers number. It became clear that “our reliance on technology is damaging our ability to remember boilerplate information from our daily lives.” (Rodriquez) After googling a question, the information discovered will most likely not be retained in the brain, but will only be recalled in short term memory. Every time a person looks up the answer
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