Should The Driving Age Should Be Raising The Driving Age?

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Turning sixteen is a major turning point in a teenager’s life, you’re finally at the age where you are given much more responsibility and freedom than before. And the biggest responsibility is being able to get your license and drive. And being given the keys to a car means a teenager can move on from depending on their parents. That’s why raising the driving age from sixteen will cause much more harm than good to many teen’s lives. The legal driving age should not be raised, despite the many efforts by the government. There is no need to raise it, the positive effects will not come close to the negatives that come’s along with it, additionally teens need to get prepared for the real world, need to drive to get around, and most of the time car crashes are not even their fault. If push comes to shove their needs to be better driver education and standards to help teens to be more prepared to drive and improving graduating driver licensing. Graduating driver licensing(GDL) or restrictive licensing is a way that states regulate what a teen can do when they first get their license to limit the amount of crashes they get into and to keep them safe. Although the age differs from state to state the same general restrictions still apply. Which include determining whether a new driver can drive with passengers, and even having a curfew set for driving times. In Florida sixteen-year old cannot drive between 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Keeping them off the streets at night. They however cannot

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