The Minimum Age for Attaining a Driver’s License Should Be Increased to 18-Years-old

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Turning sixteen-years-old is a milestone to many teenagers. In the majority of states, this is the age when adolescents become eligible for attaining a driver’s license. A growing number of people feel that the only way to truly prevent tragedy is to increase the driving age. Most teenagers and parents believe in this system, although many people feel that such action is necessary. A number of states in the United States have already increased the minimum age. These states use graduated licensing programs that put limitations on young drivers. The minimum age for attaining a driver’s license should be increased to 18-years-old due to numerous factors; these include emotional intelligence, disturbances while driving, and the underdevelopment of the brain.
Young drivers need to have the ability to manage and maintain their emotions in order to lower the risk of fatal accidents. Emotions influence the way drivers think and act. When emotions affect a driver’s thoughts and actions, they can change the way they assess risk and decision-making (Johnson 292). A stable mental state is crucial to driving early in life. Maintaining an attitude of “I will always work to manage my emotions when driving” is a big step (qtd. in Johnson 294). Personal emotions are very complicated and powerful forces, which correspond with a young driver’s behavior. Physical and mental affects of emotions interfere with bodily functions and many behavioral abilities (Johnson 303). Strong emotions can

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