Should The Leisure Centre Accessible For Children With Disabilities And The Sport Of Swimming

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When investigating an issue in the sporting industry, I came up with some ideas on what my topic could be. This included the main topics of ‘People with a disability’ and the sport of Swimming. I then defined the topic and decided to look into whether the leisure centre located in New South Wales is suitable for people with disabilities and how it is able to benefit them. By conducting this investigation I will be able to look into the benefits of using the main pool, children’s pool, spa and the sauna and steam room. I will also be able to look at how the facility helps children with disabilities interact and bond with others, and I will also look into some of the negatives of the leisure centre located in Sydney. The Aquatic Centre, found in Sydney has a wide range of facilities which offer hours of enjoyment for each member of the family. The leisure pools in the Aquatic centre are great ways to keep children with disabilities entertained. Water slides, river rapid ride, water volcanoes, spray jets, bubble beach and a toddler’s pool are all things included in the leisure pools. By having all this equipment, the leisure pools are able to cater for people with all sorts of disabilities ranging from intellectual to physical. The pools are also able to over more than just fun and enjoyment, they can assist children with their water safety, as the sooner they are in the water, the more comfortable they will feel and the more confident the family members will be when a child

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