Should The Uk Replace Nuclear Power? Essay

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Nowadays, governments are facing two main problems about electricity: resources of fossil fuels are running out and countries need to diminish their carbon emissions. Nuclear is seen as the most common alternative. Nuclear currently supplies 19% of the UK’s electricity and 11% in the world (NIA,2015). In the UK, all but one of the current nuclear plants are due to close by 2023. Should the UK replace their nuclear plants by a new generation of nuclear stations? Because of the accidents, costs and problems of nuclear waste, some people are opposed to this possibility. Their solution would be that Britain could achieve 85% of its power via renewable energy by 2030. This essay will examine if nuclear power is the best alternative to fossil fuels while continuing to supply the rising demand for electricity in the UK. It will be argued that there are advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power and that other alternatives should be considered. Climate change is one of the main issues of our current society. This problem is caused largely by human behaviour. Human activity increases the emissions of CO2 which causes negative impacts on our environment such as flooding, the increase of sea levels and precipitations. Burning fossil fuels emit a lot of carbons and other gases. These gases intensify the greenhouse effect that keeps the earth warm and cause global warming. (BBC, 2014). In 1997, UK agreed to the Kyoto treaty which is an agreement between countries worldwide to
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