Should There Be Direct Laws Against Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality
Should there be direct laws to counter it?

My ISP is on police brutality, and if there should be direct laws that counter it. Currently in several countries, there are laws against use of excessive force but not against the other types of police brutality, and most of the time the police’s authority overrules the jury.

What is Police brutality?
Police brutality is when a police officer uses unnecessary and excessive force on a suspect, but can also include verbal attacks and psychological intimidation. Police brutality is one of the several forms of police misconduct, along with false arrest; intimidation; racial profiling; political repression; surveillance abuse; sexual abuse; and police corruption. Police brutality …show more content…

I think that this is outrageous as cops can put kids into mental trauma for no reason without facing charges.

Police brutality causes both riots and labor strikes, the best example being the LA riot of 1992. The riot started when police beat and tased Rodney KIng after a high speed pursuit. King suffered from suffered a fractured facial bone, a broken right ankle, and multiple bruises and lacerations but only 3 of the 4 officers got charged with using excessive force, and that verdict lit the fuse for the riots. The riots ensued half an hour after the trial was over, and after 2 more hours, the rioters started to attack cars and people. The riots lasted 3 days and ended when the mayor placed curfews in and also called in the national guard, the US Marines and the 7th Infantry Division. Federal agents also were sent to LA. There were over 13,500 troops in LA on May 2nd 1992. In total Fifty-three people died during the riots, with as many as 2,000 people injured. Estimates of the damages vary between about $800 million and $1 billion. Approximately 3,600 fires were set, destroying 1,100 buildings, with fire calls coming once every minute at some points.

What weapons do police carry?
The police have a wide array of weapons that they use for both regular patrol and riot patrol. Regular police use batons, pepper spray, and tasers to subdue suspects. These weapons, although not

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