Should There Be Gender Specific Toy Aisles Lining The Rows?

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Should there be gender specific toy aisles lining the rows in stores? How much does this reassure the sociological idea of gender itself? Does putting restrictions on kids’ toy decisions effect them in a negative way? Research has shown that it is natural for kids to want to experiment with different toys and identities. Pushing kids into a box of what they can, or cannot play limits their true potential and imagination.
Growing up, people can attest to the memory of them having gone to McDonald’s, ordering a happy meal, and received a special toy in their box. There were always two options for toys because they had a clear separation of the toy for boys or for girls. Even asking for a different gendered toy could be an issue at some locations. Why was this division so apparent in multiple facets of environment for children?
There has always been a clear division in toy stores separating the boy’s section and girl’s section. From the color schemes to blatant boy and girl labeled toys just to further push these ideas onto children. They’re there so the kids have a clear understanding of which section they should be looking for their next new toy to take home and play with. "Toys and what they signify, which is the free expression of play among children, should be as open and diverse as possible.” (Dubois 2001) The negativity surrounding a child’s choice of a toy that doesn’t “fit in” with the social normality can inhibit their freedom and harm their views during their…
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