Should We Be Mandatory Labeling Mandatory?

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Kaui Lonzaga Mrs. Noa Junior Seminar 9 January 2015 OMG! GMO! Out of the 61 countries of the world 40% consist of the world’s population have turned to labeling GMO products. United States and Canada are one of the few who do not have labeling mandatory. Genetically modified organisms are on the rise and countries are rapidly starting to make labeling mandatory. The reason being why Hawaii should make labeling mandatory is one GMO’s unsafe past in Hawaii and around the world. Two, GMO’s does not only stand as a risk to humans but threatens our environment. Lastly, we the people of Hawaii and United States of America have the right to know what is in our food that we are consuming. Due to the up rise of genetically modified organisms in Hawaii, the government should start taking action and make labeling GMO foods mandatory. The existence of genetically modified crops has been in our country and the rest of the world for numerous years. In 1980 the first GMO patent was issued resulting in a 5 to 4 Supreme Court ruling. This started the rise and development of genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms has been a growing conflict because there isn’t any long-term research conducted for human consumption. As a result of GMO foods the people of Hawaii and the rest of the world whom consumes GMO foods are exposed to its chemicals are at risk. A few things that have been done about GMO’s in Hawaii are the Maui County established the
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