Essay on Should We Bow to Louis XIV?

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Should We Bow to Louis XIV?

Louis XIV, ruler of France for 72 years, is known for stabilizing France and making the country a strong European power. However, many of his projects were costly and caused economic problems for the nation. His personal lavish luxuries also were a financial burden to France. By the end of his reign, nearly all of the land he had acquired through warfare had to be returned, thus wasting enormous sums of French money.

King Louis XIV reigned in France from 1643-1715. For 54 of these years, he reigned without the help of an official Prime Minister. Therefore, he personally controlled the French government. This created an absolute monarchy that became a model for much of …show more content…

Several more victorious invasions led to the possession of Strasbourg (1681) and Luxembourg (1684).

Part of Louis’ success was due to the fact that he reigned as an absolute monarch. This meant that he personally controlled the French government without the help of a prime minister. It is argued that this absolute monarchy allowed the King to completely immerse himself in the trade of kingship. He insisted upon holding a council meeting daily where he made all final decisions. No plan of action was to take place without his approval. Louis was known for his conscientious routine and his court became a model for the rest of Europe.

France is known to have become a more refined, cultural country during the reign of Louis XIV. Under his guidance, the arts and sciences flourished during the seventeenth century. Theater, music, art, literature and architecture blossomed. Famous figures such as Molière and Racine were paid state pensions. Louis was also known for taking painters on military campaigns with him to glorify the monarchy. The French national theater was established in 1680 to add to the luster of Louis’ reign. These new cultural advances established France throughout Europe as a refined country. The building of the Versailles palace is an example of the exquisite living in France. The magnificent palace

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