Essay about Should the Government Have a Say in Americans' Diets?

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Most people say that the government’s role, in our diets, is the key for a healthier life. While others may argue that it is freedom of choice to eat whatever we want. However depending on the point of view, the government’s role in shaping what we consume is either a compulsory intervention or a blatant interference on American free will. Even though we hear a good argument on the government controlling our diets, most research show that the involvement of the government on our diets has shown little to no results. The most supportive argument why people are in an agreement with the government controlling what we eat is because of all the obese people in the country with medical problems. In fact obesity is one of the many problems …show more content…

The Federal government for years has told people what they should and should not put in their bodies. Whether it’s Tran’s fat or cigarettes, sugar or alcohol, saturated or salt, legislators and regulators pick things off our table because they think they know better. For example, considering the widespread of obesity in America, it is substantiated by statistics that “the cost of obesity is currently estimated at $190 billion per year” and the bad thing about it’s coming from taxpayers. (Experts, The) I have several issues with this statement: first, the simple fact that the government is spending money on a disease that humans caused on themselves. According to the article” What Causes Obesity?” it is stated that “The risk factors that contribute to obesity can be a complex combination of genetics, socioeconomic factors, metabolic factors and lifestyle choices”. Sadly, citizens have not much choice but to pay higher taxes. And finally, the simple fact that the government is spending money on ineffective solutions. According to the article, ‘Government Intervention Will Not Solve Our Obesity Problem’, it is stated that “despite the myriad of studies showing American obesity is increasing, research does not clearly support that government can solve this complex problem’ (Marlow) For example, the government solution of adding calories counts on the menu. A recent study has shown that “27.7 percent who saw the calorie labeling” had

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