Essay about Shout it out: Study of Introverts

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1.Cain, Susan. Quiet. New York: Broadway, 2013. Print. In this book the author delves deep in to all aspects of introverted life. One aspect she coverd was how introverts perform better in certain leadership roles than extroverts. Statistically, Introverts preform better academically getting higher scores on average. different cultures like the Japanese and Chinese define introversion as their cultural ideal. She also discussed how our culture shifted in the early twentieth century from one that valued character to one that prized salesmanship and personality above all else. She also discusses what situations a introverted person thrives in and how introverts and extraverts can learn to communicate with each other. .2.Gannett,Anita …show more content…

The introverted leaders where listening to the constructive ideas of their workers. 4.Helgoe , Laurie.”Revenge of the Introvert”, Psychology. today. Sussex Publishers, 2010. Web. 18 Dec 2013. The author of this article, Laurie, Helgoe (also the author of a book called introvert power) takes a look at her experience as a introvert in a field which required too much interaction, as well as her journey of self discovery to find a job that better fitted her personality. She then goes on to draw the all important differentiation between being introverted and shy. A shy person is afraid of social interaction, where as a introvert prefers a lower level of stimulation. And then she addresses how introverts are less reward seeking than extroverts . She also points out how it can be hard to be a introvert in the extravert centric American culture. Her article then moves on to compare thought patterns of introverts and extraverts like how introverts tend to think more before talking and can work alone without having to brace them selves for it. The article then reminds the reader that not all countries share the extroverted ideal for example in Finland introversion is seen as normal . The constant pressure from a extroverted culture on a introvert can even lead to a higher risk of mental illness. Introverts have a higher level of blood flow in the arias of the brain related to contemplation and speech . Introverts require a different level of stimulation than

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