Showdown ! Kuniyoshi V. Kunisada

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As I walked up to the building located on Huntington Ave, I thought of it as small castle with its large pillars and was mesmerized with the architecture displayed within the museum. While there I saw three exhibits on display, the “Charles Sheeler from Doylestown to Detroit,” “The Summer of Love” and the subject of this review, the “Showdown! Kuniyoshi vs. Kunisada.” I chose the “Showdown!” as my subject because of the intricacy, the colors, and themes of the various prints of the show located in the Torf Gallery on the 1st floor. The Torf gallery was notable for its use of the lighting and mood, to illuminate the prints and illustrate the rivalry. The lighting was deemed to allow the focus to be on the prints which had separate lights above to illuminate them. The mood was calm and competitive like the Cold War, as to clearly illustrate the showdown between the two artists. The prints were arranged as to have the viewers determine for themselves who the ultimate woodblock artist is. The drums of war rang between each print as each tried to catch your undivided attention. The atmosphere they created was of a battle between the two greatest ukiyo-e artist that has lastest the last three century. Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese art, consisting…show more content…
Unlike other museums, such as “the Met”, the MFA doesn’t have a restriction on how close people can be while observing the artwork; therefore most of the people in the gallery were observing the artwork very closely to see at the fine details in the paintings and reading the information on the authors and paintings on the walls. While walking around the gallery I found multiple prints that spoke to me; some being portraits, others illustrations of warriors in battle. The following two works were some that stood out the most to me form each of the individual
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