Shutter Island : The Film Big Twist

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After watching Martin Scorseses much misunderstood Shutter Island for a second time I have decided to evaluate both the stories meandering plot and its profound themes. Shutter Island is truly a tragedy of how one man cannot accept his reality. This film involves a character played by Dicaprio, filled with guilt of the death of his wife and losing his grasp on what is real and what’s not. In Shutter Island we are led to believe that Leonardo Dicaprio is playing a U.S Marshall under the name of Teddy Daniels. Daniels along with his new partner Chuck (played by Mark Ruffalo) has been led to Shutter Island to investigate the mysterious vanishing of Rachel Solando. The films big twist is that Teddy is in fact a patient of the mental facility who murdered his wife after she drowned their three children in the lake. The main character conflict of Shutter Island is the story of one man and his denial to accept reality. Throughout the film Teddy is plagued by dreams and visions of his dead wife, as well as disturbing flashbacks to his involvement in the Second World War. This is a man who has seen terrible things and is trying to bury them away by pretending to be somebody else. Shutter Island is a film that becomes deeper on repeat viewings and seeing it a second time a lot of the delicacies of the performances and more low key signs become much more clear and meaningful. Also on a second viewing two other conflicts develop, conflicts that are more to do with the films historical

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