Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Jealousy, Age And Birth Order, And Adult Sibling Communication Essay

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The relationships we have among siblings are unique because they are some of the few close relationships that people maintain throughout their entire life. I would best define sibling communication as the way in which siblings interact and communicate with one another. The term “sibling connection” refers to the interactions (actions, verbal and nonverbal communication) of two (or more) individuals who share common parents, as well as their knowledge, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings regarding each other from the time one sibling became aware of the other (Cicerelli, 1985). I currently have two brothers; one who is three years younger than me and one who is ten years younger than me, and there is a significant difference in our relationships. Sibling communication informs us on the correlations among the relationship of siblings based on a variety of factors. The factors that I am going to discuss are Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Jealousy, Age and Birth Order, and Adult-Sibling Communication.

Sibling Rivalry A book called Families: Intergenerational and Generational Connections (1991), discusses a section on sibling relationships, and one thing it discusses is that “Closeness and rivalry are two of the most intensively studied dimensions of sibling connections” (1991). I will talk about closeness later on but in regards to rivalry, it states “Sibling rivalry declines among the older age groups” (Cicirelli, 1985). As I stated in the introduction, I

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