Sick around the World

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Sick Around the World Introduction The United States system of healthcare when compared with healthcare systems in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Taiwan is far more expensive, is notably inefficient, leaves 47 million people uninsured, and forces "hundreds of thousands of people into bankruptcy," according to a PBS video "Sick Around the World." This paper compares the current U.S. healthcare system which at the moment is undergoing a difficult transition into the Affordable Care Act with the healthcare programs in the above-mentioned countries. What is the current situation with U.S. healthcare? The World Health Organization (WHO) claims the United States' healthcare system ranks "thirty-seventh in the world" in terms of "quality and fairness" (PBS). President Barack Obama pushed through his signature legislation called the "Affordable Care Act," with not one vote from Republicans in the House of Representatives. The right wing (including the "tea party") (in actions that were clearly pre-planned) disrupted many of town hall meetings on healthcare and demonstrators outside the venues carried signs reading "socialism," weapons, and even the Nazi Swastika. Presently the Affordable Care Act is involved in litigation at the U.S. Supreme Court (some states have sued the government over the bill's requirement that by 2014, every citizen must have insurance), so even though about 20.4 million women have received cancer screening through the Affordable
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