Siddhartha Gautama Research Paper

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Siddhartha Gautama was the first person to discover Buddhism in the late 6th century B.C.E. He was originally known as a spiritual teacher when he began teaching followers about the religion. As time passed, he was then referred to as the Buddha and followers viewed him more as a savior than a teacher. A savior is identified as a religious figure who saves someone from danger, where as a spiritual teacher gives knowledge to a person with little understanding of spiritual facts. The same reason is given for Jesus as the messiah for those who practice Christianity. Both of these groups consider Jesus and Buddha, Saviors. Followers of Buddha were taught how to be kind, gentle, and how to have a positive mind that cares for their lives. Buddha’s teachings were clear and gave suggestions on how people were supposed to live. Spiritual teachers only focus on teaching people the idea of spirit. Buddha’s work was focused on teaching people about the holy world and how to live a life without suffering. He cared for his followers and believed in educating them in a positive way. People respected the Buddha and viewed him as a Savior …show more content…

Jesus made people change their beliefs and follow the positive ways of life. He assisted those who were weak in their spiritual lifetime and saved them from their sins. Jesus suffered and died for man’s sins which set each person free from their original sin. He taught them what their expected to do and how to live a sin free live. Followers of Jesus realized that he was their savior. His death was an exact sign of a true savior who people believed in. Although there are many differences between Buddhism and Christianity, Jesus and Buddha are both known saviors. They each helped their followers understand the spiritual life and what is expected from them in order to have a positive and healthy life. These are teachings that a spiritual teacher would not

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