Siege Of Jerusalem Research Paper

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The Siege of Jerusalem & Fall of Judea

Jewish history and cultural memory revolves around a few pivotal moments. One of the most important is the 587 BCE Siege of Jerusalem, a moment that changed Jewish history forever.

The Kingdom of Judah

In 1948, the nation of Israel was created as a homeland for the Jews, a population without a place to call their own. Right off the bat, this raises some questions. Why didn't the Jews have a home? And why would they want Israel? The answer to these questions takes us back literally thousands of years to an ancient kingdom named Judah. Judah, located in roughly what is now Israel, was home to a certain Semitic-speaking ethnic group. Any guesses which one? Judah…Jews…see how that works? The Jewish people's claim to Israel is based in this ancient heritage. To really understand this, however, we …show more content…

This was the first Jewish Exile, in which the people of Judah were banished from their homeland. This exile also resulted in the loss of the Jewish holy relics; after the Siege of Jerusalem, the Ark of the Covenant was never seen again.

The Hebrew people would not be allowed back into Jerusalem until the end of the century when the Persian Achaemenid Empire conquered the region and permitted them to leave Babylon. From that point, the Hebrews of Jerusalem existed as subjects of various empires, from the Persians to the Greeks to the Romans. Throughout this time, they maintained the dream of becoming an independent kingdom again, inspired by their memory of the Kingdom of Judah. The Temple of Solomon was rebuilt, but the Jews were again banished from Jerusalem after the Romans laid siege to the city in 70 CE. The Jews would be without a homeland for nearly 2,000 years, united in the dream and promise of a renewed Jewish state.


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