Sigmund Freud And Oedipus Rex's Theory Of Development

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Ibrahim Mike Adedoyin
Professor Nancy Hindle
ENGL 289-91
10 October 2017
The Aim of Man
In all theories of relationship, Sigmund Freud's Oedipus Rex's complex has been the most studied, it has also sparked a lot of debate. Freud used the study result of a boy in 1909 in his analysis, he described the 5-year-old boys fear for horses because of a feeling of anger he had developed internally and relating to his parents. He theorized that little boys usually choose their mother primarily for sexual interest, he said they subconsciously wish to expropriate their fathers and become their mothers' lover. Freud theorized that this behavior is usually observed in children between the ages of 3 - 5 when the child is in a stage he called the phallic stage of development. Since the child suspects that his actions based on these feelings will lead to danger and his desires will be repressed, leading to anxiety. This analogy, the Oedipus Rex's complex is named after Sophocles' protagonist who obliviously murders his father to marry his mother.
I find Sigmund Freud's theory about Oedipus Rex's complex a tragedy of destiny. His theory is widely misinterpreted by many as a sexual thing, but I see it from a different perspective. In fact, this theory is considered in the science world today as irrelevant. If I were to liken this to my personal experience, i am more affectionate towards my mum than to my dad. I spend most times having a chat with my mother than i do with my father. I am an

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